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Basketball Betting
In our opinion, basketball betting is the most difficult because so many games are decided in the final two minutes. A team could be comfortably in the lead and covering the spread but then end up failing to cover because the opponent makes a few prayer 3-pointers in the waning seconds.

Yep, basketball betting can definitely get your blood pressure soaring. But before you swear off basketball betting, there is hope. There are a few things I’ve learned over the years about basketball betting and I’ve become pretty successful following these rules.

One advantage basketball has over football is that one big fluke play rarely changes the outcome of the entire game. You can handicap a game correctly in football only to see an interception or fumble destroy all your hard work.

From our experiences, the key to winning at basketball betting is all about money management. You see, we expect going into the basketball season that my winning percentage is going to be lower than in football and baseball. That tells us that in order for us to be as profitable, we need to be maximizing our wins and minimizing our losses when basketball betting. Here’s how we do it.

The basketball betting system is built around a 3 star rating system. We consider a normal wager to be a 3-star bet, a strong wager to be a 4-star bet, and a mediocre wager to be a 2-star bet.

On a normal wager, we will bet 3% of my total bankroll.

On a strong wager, we will bet 4% of my total bankroll.

On a mediocre wager, we just don’t bet. Why waste risk your money on a weak bet?

Its real easy. 3 stars = 3%. 4 stars = 4%. 2 stars = No Action. So if we had $1200 in our account here’s how we would bet:

Normal – 3 stars = $36

Strong – 4 stars = $48

Mediocre – 2 stars = No Action

What you are trying to do is capitalize on the strong plays that you are confident in while minimizing any losses that may come from games you are less confident in.

Many times you will be basketball betting on seven, eight, nine games at one time. When this happens, always make sure you never have more than 30% of your total bankroll at risk.

The reasons we prefer to use this style of basketball betting rather than the other two sports is the fact that (1) basketball games are played seven days a week and (2) offer a point spread rather than a money line as in baseball. Additionally, it is much easier to determine before the season starts in football how many total bets you will make during the year. In basketball, it is much more difficult to come up with such an estimate because games are played daily.