Craps: How to Play and How to Win

Hi and welcome to our instructional video that is designed to make you are smarter gambler. My name is Steve Bourie and on the author of the American casino guide, number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with over one thousand dollars in casino coupons. If you want to know more about our book sure to visit our website at and if you have a smartphone or tablet be sure to download our free app just go to the App Store or the Google Play, Store and search for American casino guide. Hi and welcome the part three of our series on how to play craps and how to win in part, one that we discussed pass and don’t pass, plus the free odds bets in part to you learned about commonplace, bats and down part 3.

We’Ll talk about all the bets in the center of the table, plots I’ll tell you how to win at the game craps. So, let’s take a look at some the long shots or proposition bets in the center of the table. When you look at the spats one of the first things, you’ll notice is that, unlike the bets on the other side of the table, the winning payoffs are clearly labeled. The reason they do. That is so.

You can see those big payoffs tamanna better, but as you’ll see, although the payoffs are high, so are the casino advantages of the proposition bets are controlled by the stick. Man and they are, the person must make those bats for you. So if you wanted to make a one dollar bet on any crap, so you would throw a one dollar chip to the center of the table and say one dollar and craps, and the stick man with and placed that bet in the proper area. For you, then, if you want to stick man would tell the dealer at your end of the table, to pay you. You should also be aware that they were only pay. You your winnings and keep your original bet in place.

If you don’t wan na make the same bed again, you should tell the sick man that you want your bed down and it will be returned to you. There are only for proposition bets that are not one roll bats and they are known as the hardware’s. They are the hard for hearts, 6, hard, 8 and hard 10 to roll. The number the hard way means that the number must be rolled as doubles.

For example, three and three is a heart 6, but a role for to or five and one are both called in a z06 because they are easier to roll the double three days to win a bet. On hard 10, the shooter has to roll 2 5’s before rolling at seven or an easy 10, such as six and four or four and six to win a bet on hard for the shirt after all, to choose before rolling a7 or easy for such as three And one or one in three the true odds are rolling hard for or are tender a 2-1, but the casino well only pay you 721 or 8 41, which works out to a casino advantage up 11 .1 percent. On both of these bets, it should be noted that some casinos will show their odds as 41 rather than 21, and there is a difference between those two terms if the odds are 21. That means that the original bet his return. But if the aunt expressed as 41 than the original bet is capped, so looking back at the hard four and 10, the winning path at 721 or 8 41 would actually be the same thing.

To win a bet on heart. Six-Shooter must roll to three days before rolling a7 or a seasick such as five in one or four into to win a bet on hard 8, the shooter must roll to force before rolling a7 or easy eight, such as six in two or five and three. The true of the rolling hard six or our date are 10-2-1, but the casino only paying you 921 or 10 41, which works out to a casino advantage of 9.1 percent on both of these bets.

As noted before, all the other proposition bets are 1-year-old bats, which means that the next to roll, the dice will decide whether you win or lose as you’ll, see the house and on all of these bats is very high and they should all be avoided for the Any cramps that you will win FA 23 or 12 is thrown on the next role and loose if any other number comes up, the true either a 2-1, but the casino will only pay with 721, which gives them an edge 11. .1 percent on this bet. You’Ll notice that the stick man will put your bet on a circle marks see which stands for craps and its, but the circle that corresponds to where you’re standing at the table, and that makes it easier for the stick.

Man to know who that that belongs to. For craps to bed, which is also known as Snake Eyes, you win if the next role as a to and lose if any other number shows up. The two outs are 30 521, but the casino will only pay you 32.1 % or 31 41, which means that the edge in this bed is 13.94 Sat, a craps 12 bet, which is also known as boxcars works, the same as a craps to bet, except that Now you only win if it well the throne again, the true odds are 35 21, but you only be paid at 32 on or 31 41, which means the casino add on this. Pat is the same 13.94 sent as in the last craps to that for craps. 3, that you only win if the next row is a3.

The true odds are seventeen to one, but the casino only pay you 15, 21 or 16 41, which result in a casino advantage of 11 .1 percent, the 11 that is similar to the craps 3, that except that now the only number you can win on as Eleven, the true either rolling at 11 are 17 21, but the casino only pay you 15, 21 or 16 41, which gives them 11 0.1 percent at Bennett, just like on the craps 3 bet by the way, because 11 sounds so much like seven. You always hear 11 referred to at the table as you go or ya 11 to eliminate any confusion as to what number you are referring to. So if you want to that one dollar on 11, you would throw one dollar chip to the stick, pan and say one dollar yo, and then he will either place it in the 11 box or place it on top of the a circle that corresponds to where You’Re standing at the table with a horn, bat – you are betting on the 23, 11 and 12 all at once or in bed, has to be made in multiples of four dollars, because you’re making 4 beds at one time and he’ll win.

If any one of those for now amber shows up on the next role will be paid off at the odds for the number that came in and you lose the rest. If your chips, for example, if you make an eight dollar point, that this is the same as spending two dollars on the two two dollars on the three two dollars on the 11 and two dollars on the twelfth, if the number two came in, you would get Paid off at 3201, so you would get back sixty dollars in winnings and the casino would keep the six dollars at a loss for the 32 dollar bets on the 3, 11 and 12. The only advantage a horn, but is that allows you to make for bad bets at once, rather than one at the time. The last proposition that we have to look at is also the worst bet on the craps table, and it’s the ne7 that, with this pet, you went up to seven, is rolled and lose if any other number comes up. The two other 521, but the casino will only pay about 41 or five 41, which gives them an edge just 16 points: 7 percent. So there you have it: we’ve gone over all the possible that you can make and now it’s time to tell you how to enter the game at craps.

Unfortunately, as you’ve seen crap to the negative expectation game, which means that every bet you make has a built-in advantage for the house. Actually there isn’t one bet that the casino has no advantage on, and do you remember the name of that one? That’S right! It’S the freon spent and it’s great that the casino has no advantage on that bad, but the only way you’re allowed to make that bad is to first make a negative expectation.

Bat on past, don’t pass or come, don’t come. So in essence, there are no bet. You can make where you have an advantage over the house and in the long run, the game at craps is unbeatable. So if that’s the case, then how do you n well?

In reality, there is only one way to winning craps and that way is to get lucky course. This is easier said than done, but you will find it much easier to come out a winner if you only stick to the bats that offer the casino its lowest ads, and those are the only bet you should ever make if you want to bet with the Shooter, I suggest you make a minimum pass line bet and back it up. Maximum free arts then make a maximum of two combats that are also both backed up with three OCZ.

For example, if RR are allowed, you can start with a five dollar pass line, bet and say a fourth role. They were then put ten dollars behind the line on your four and make a five dollar come back. If the shooter, then rolled 8 would take ten dollars in dogs under combat on the day and make another five dollar come back. If the shooter then rolled a five-year, take ten dollars at odds on air combat on the five and then stop bedding.

The idea here is that you always want to have a maximum of three numbers working and what you do. You should make any more bats. In 2010, current come numbers hits, in which case you would make another comeback or pure pass line. Bet wins. You would then follow that up with another pass line bet.

The important thing to remember is not to make more than to combat, because you don’t want to have too much out on the table if the shooter rolls 7. By using this betting system, you only be giving the casino an edge up around six tenths of one percent on all the events and with just a little bit to block you can easily walk away a winner. Of course, if the table is cold and the shooters are losing, you could always change your strategy by betting against the shooter rather than with them, and the strategy for that.

It’S basically just the opposite to bet against the shooter. In our same scenario, with a maximum of two times Aug, it would start with a five dollar: don’t pass bad, which would back up with double odds and then bed a maximum of two don’t come. That’S it are also backed up with double lot. Keep in mind. They should always put out as much Riyadh as you can afford, because the casino has no advantage on this bet. However, since you have to lay the odds which means you’re putting up more money than you’ll be getting back, it could get very expensive if the shooter got a hot roll and made quite a few passes.

As an example of this system. Let’S say: stop the five-dollar. Don’T pass Pat fours rolled with and lay the odds by putting twenty dollars next year. Five dollar don’t pass better and then make a five dollar. Don’T come back. If the shooter then rolled in a you would lay twelve dollars in Aug, the new dawn combat and then make another five dollar don’t come back.

If the shooter then rolled a five-year deal a fifteen dollars, an aunt on your don’t, come and then stop betting. The idea here said you always want to have a maximum of three numbers working and what you do you shouldn’t make any more bets until one. If you don’t come, number twins, in which case should make another, don’t come bat or if you don’t pass pat Quinn’s, and then you would follow that up with another. Don’T pass that once again, the important thing to remember is not to make more than two don’t combat, because you don’t want to have too much out on the table if the shooter gets hot and starts to roll a lot of numbers with this system, you always Have a maximum of three numbers in action and you only be giving the casino an edge around six tenths of one percent on all of your bets now. One last point I want to make about putting crap says that the bank wrote you need is going to be much bigger than the bankroll you’ll need for playing most other casino games.

If you’re betting with the shooter, you have won five dollar pass line, bet with double logs into combat, with up a lot, which means that you could have as much as $ 45 dollars on the table that could be wiped out with the role of the seven. If you’re betting against the shooter, you have five dollars and don’t pass with double odds and two don’t come back with a lot, which means you could have as much as 70 dollars on the table that could be wiped out. If the shooter got on a hot roll and made a lot of numbers, as I said before, you need to have an adequate bankroll to be able to ride out the losing streak second happen, and you need to be able to hold on until things turn around And you start to win so how much of a bankroll is enough? Well, I would say about seven times the maximum amount of money you have out on the table is adequate and ten times to be even better. In both of our example stand.

You should have a bankroll at least three hundred dollars. If you don’t have that much money to put out on the table, then you might want to consider having less money out on the table by making only one come or don’t come back rather than to or maybe even just limiting your bets to pass and don’t Pass along with the free arts just remember that it doesn’t matter whether you wan na bet with the shooter or against the shooter. Both of these systems will give you the best chance at winning, because they allow the casino only the slightest edge and, with a little bit a block, you can easily come out a winner thanks for watching and best wishes for good luck on your next visit to The casino don’t forget that you can see more of our educational gaming videos on our YouTube channel just go to YouTube dot com, slash American casino guide;