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Patrick, I look down at this table, and I see, like, there’s probably a million different ways for me to win or lose my money. Patrick: The basic bet’s the pass line bet.

You would take two dice, and you would throw them all the way to the other end. So, that one was an 8. So once you’ve established the 8 as the point, now if you roll another 8, you win.

But if it’s a 7, you lose. And if you roll anything else, you just keep rolling. So how do we game the system? Some people do believe you can actually influence the outcome of the dice with a controlled throw.

One of the popular sets is called the Flying V. You start with the two 3’s on top like this. Got it. And then you just throw them down the table like that.

And what you want is for the dice to kind of rotate like this, almost as if they’re glued together. And then, hopefully, when they land — -You’ll avoid the 7. -That’s the theory, at least. So, I’ll roll with my traditional Portuguese flair.

Heh-heh-heh. Brooke: And I’ll be using the Flying V hack, which should reduce my odds of rolling a 7. Don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling lucky. This is the come-out roll. It’s the first roll.

We’re establishing a point. -Good luck. -Dice are out. What are you talking about? Here we go.

Boom! -Whoo! -8 easy.

-The point is 8. -Ha-ha! That’s a good point. Here we go.

I got this. I got this ’cause — What? Hadouken! Now, that’s a street fighter.

6 easy. No-kill 6. Nice. Boom! 7 out.

Come on! [ Buzzer sounds ] Kevin: Only two rolls before hitting a 7. That’s not good. I think it’s time to maybe employ the hack, see if our odds get any better. -Like this?

-Yep. Ah. V formation. Okay.

-4 easy. -Okay. So, the point is to win by landing on 4, and I’m not gonna get a 7.

Kind of toss it like you’re feeding chicken. -Oh, I’ve fed a chicken. -All right. Here’s the hack. Keeping the guys together.

All right. -Whoa. -5. Okay, so I get to roll again.

Mama’s got this. Ah, it’s a 7. Nine. Center field 9. -Okay.

Still in it. -Beginner’s luck. -7. -10. Easy. Brooke: All right.

♪♪ Hot dog! With mustard. 5.

No field 5. -Brooke’s cheating, right? -No! Patrick, let’s just — She’s cheating.

I wouldn’t even know how to cheat. 8 easy. Yeah!

Winner. 4. Yeah! Oh!

In your face, Kevin Pereira, you Portuguese monster.