Is Mohawk Gambling Legal?

With the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, it would seem that online gambling is illegal. However, it is only the payment processing part that is illegal, and that is where it starts to get a little sticky, as we are not the only ones that have these kinds of grey areas. Canada is another one that is not particularly clear in its online gambling laws.

On the Kahnawake reserve, located near Montreal, they allow online gambling. In fact, they service online gambling sites, and many are wondering how this fits in with the new laws – and how it pertains to the tribe as they are considered a sovereign nation. Hosting online gambling sites makes a lot of money for the tribe, but some are questioning the legality of it.

They say that under the Canadian Criminal Code, wagering is prohibited over telephone lines, and that all gambling operations require a provincial gambling license. It is illegal to offer games that are considered to be part of a lottery scheme – and making money off of them puts you in even deeper waters.

With the provinces making their own laws as it comes to online gambling and lottery playing, it would seem that they should come under the ruling of their home province, but again, as a sovereign nation, who do they report to.

The World Trade Organization says that online gambling is legal from Antigua or Kahnawake, so it seems that this would answer the question on its own. However, others defy the WTO’s rulings, such as the top online casinos usa, so why couldn’t Canada?

Rep. Barney Frank has gotten another boost with Rep. Jerrold Nadler joining the group. Nadler is the 48th person to sign the bill, making the online gambling regulation bill stronger all the time. The Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (IGREA) calls for regulation of online gambling instead of prohibition, which is what the majority of American’s support.

Nadler is a good addition to the bill as he is someone who is well respected among his peers. He is currently serving his 9th terms as a Member of Congress and represents portions of New York City’s boroughs. He has played a major role over the years in various issues pertaining to rights and liberties, so he will fit in just fine taking on online gambling.

On Nadler’s website he says “there is nothing more fundamental to being an American that the assurance against unwarranted government interference in one’s personal affairs.” This is something people can get behind, even if they aren’t fans of online gambling. There are many who don’t agree with the online gambling idea, but do agree that what people do with their own money is their own business.

Having Nadler on board will help sway those members of Congress that have not made up their minds yet, and probably change the minds of many who already have. Not only is he well versed in the civil liberties of our residents, he is also used to dealing with issues related to crime, terrorism and Homeland Security. These are allegedly the reasons why online gambling is illegal in the first place.

His joining will give a fresh perspective to online gambling, and will go a long way towards bringing many others on board.