Poker Night in America. Claudico: Part 3

– From the Rivers Property in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat jazz music) Welcome to Poker Night in America, where we conclude day two at Rivers, here in Pittsburgh. I’m Chris Hanson, that’s Joe Stapleton. – Coming up on today’s show, we close out that feature on the Poker playing artificial intelligence, and Tom Schneider donkey bombs it, light a match. – Phil are you winning now?

– [Phil] I think it might be. – [Chris] We continue day two at Rivers in Pittsburgh, the two biggest stacks right next to each other. Jack Schanbacher in the three seat, and Phil Laak in seat four. – [Joe] I love having two big stacks like that at the table. Those are two guys that can easily double up my short stack. – [Phil] You remind me of a guy named– – [Chris] Blinds are 25 and 50, with an optional 100 dollar straddle.

– You know who Marty Hogan is, huh? – I think I’ve heard of him. – [tom] He’s like the only guy in– – [Joe] Marty Hogan, the less famous brother of Hulk Hogan. – [Chris] Brother of brother. Cletus Daniel Clarence Wolf, we’re just gonna call him Cletus, raises with pocket sevens. Laak calls.

– [Tom] Wow. – [Chris] And then Mark Pegasus Smith raises to $450. Vierheller, another local celebrity, makes a call. – [Phil] Calling, calling, you guys like it, huh? – [Tom] Show him how to do it.

– [Phil] You want me to see if I can just, there you go. – [Joe] Calls all around. – [Phil] I put it in.

I put the money in. – [Chris] Ring, ring, ring, ring. Phones ringing, who is it? Everyone’s calling.

(laughter) – [Joe] Okay. – [Chris] Terrible, terrible joke. – [Joe] It’s pretty bad, but.

– [Chris] Thank you. – [Joe] Maybe it’ll take away from the fact that no one could possibly like this flop. – [Phil] Good man.

I check. – [Chris] Smith bets on the button, $500. – [Joe] Wolf raising his sevens, and it looks like he could potentially get a better hand to fold.

Betting the flop, I want you to stop, ’cause I’m bluffing like the wolf. – [Chris] Smith calls. – [Joe] Well, the board gets worse for both hands, but better if you wanna bluff. – [Dan] All in.

– [Dealer] All in. – [Chris] $2875 is enough to put Smith all in. He will fold. – [Tom] Here’s the seven of clubs. – [Schanbacher] Gettin’ spunky over there.

– [Dan] I’m gettin’ spunky, the Clarence is comin’ out. I just can’t hid Clarence for too long. – [Joe] Sometimes my Clarence comes to the surface. I just take some antibiotic.

– [Chris] You won’t like me when I’m Clarence. – [Phil] I actually think there’s probably not even worth asking monkeys. I say, keep the monkeys in the jungle, and don’t even ask them, ’cause I’m pretty sure there’s, just leave ’em alone. – [Tom] They wouldn’t even be interested. – [Dan] I’m down, at least, a couple thousand just from surrendering– – [Schanbacher] You don’t have to ex, it’s your option, buddy, you don’t– – [Chris] $125 from Phil Laak.

Tom Schneider calls. – [Dan] I mean, it’s better for the game– – [Chris] Vierheller is along for the ride. So is Ioffe. – [Man] Four players.

Times are tough, Danny. – [Dan] Times are tough, man. – [Jack] You got that 15k over there now?

– [Joe] Jack high flop. Ioffe and Schneider both flop trips. I mean, how? You play 10-4 suited and flop trips.

How? – [Chris] It’s the jacket. It’s just running good with fashion and in poker. – [Dealer] $750. – [Joe] Just don’t forget Tom, when you only have one card left you gotta yell Uno.

And for Ioffe’s sake, I hope he’s not attempting a check race. – [Chris] Nope, just a call. – [Dan] Huh?

(mumbles) – I don’t know, you’re smirkin’. – [Joe] So, Schneider’s kicker does play. – [Dan] It really is catchin’ on, though. You do a good job of that. – [Dealer] $1600.

– [Dan] Against what some people said. They said that I shouldn’t have it on here. But, mostly, you got to, you know. Yeah, right?

– [Phil] See, on the top, you must let the antennae breathe, you know. It’s like multiple– – [Joe] Ioffe got cold decked here, but he lost the minimum. Takes some discipline to not spaz out there, and just put a bunch of chips in with trips. – [Phil] Oh, it’s just hour one, basic control. – Ugh, like most Mac products, the Ioffe didn’t last as much as you thought it would.

– Naw, but we are gonna try to get him an appointment at the Genius Bar. Back after this. – [Chris] For more from Poker Night, visit, or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, where you can see complete episodes and unedited live streams. – [Chris] Thanks for coming back to Rivers in Pittsburgh. It’s Poker Night in America.

I’m Chris Hanson, he is Joe Stapleton. – [Joe] Hello, my babies. – [Chris] Phil Laak with over $50,000 in chips on the table. Makes it $400 with 9-10 suited.

– [Tom] Gamble with my friend, Mr. Laak. – [Chris] The Schneids, Tom Schneider calls with Ace/King. I call him Schneids, we’re tight.

– [Joe] How did you come up with that? – [Chris] Well, his mother’s maiden name was actually Schneidenhammer. – [Tom] Ruh-roh.

– [Chris] Never mind. – [Tom] How much more ya got? I’m all in.

– [Dealer] Got an all in. – [Tom] Ruh-roh. – [Joe] Ruh-roh is right. Aces verses Ace/King is one of the worst spots you can be in. It’s like being stuck in a conversation with Phil Hellmuth, you just don’t wanna do it.

– [Tom] It doesn’t look good for me. – [Chris] Paging Dr. Understatement. Tom Schneider is dealing with a Schneidenhammer right now. (hosts laugh) Schneider’s gonna double up the local player, Mike Vierheller. – [Joe] Not too much damage to Tom’s stack.

– [Phil] That’s one of those times where you’re okay that you don’t wake up with a big hand. (players laugh) – [Tom] All right, sweetie, well, we’re playin’. All right, bye. – I’m under strict orders to win that money back that I just lost, so, (Mike laughs) I’m just lettin’ ya know. That was the real mother ship. – [Joe] I think there’s probably sexier names for your wife.

– [Phil] I’m gonna be the first to make a betting or checking decision on the flop. – [Chris] How good is Phil Laak running right now? – [Joe] He’s the absolute best. – [Tom] $800? – [Joe] The greatest thing about Phil Laak is that he will completely felt you, which by the way, is a word he invented, and he will make you have a really good time while he does it.

He’s an absolute genius. – [Chris] This is a pretty interesting spot. Laak flopped two pairs, Schneider’s up and down. – [Joe] Nobody’s too likely to want to fold. Queens make a good fold, there, though.

– [Schneider] Turns out we’re playing a lot of pots together, Phil. – [Phil] Yup. – [Joe] That’ll happen when it’s the two biggest stacks at the table, as Schneider gets there on the turn. – [Chris] I guess his mother ship was right. He’s gotta win that money back that he’s just lost.

– [Joe] Well, there’s still one card to come. Phil’s not drawing dead. Looks like Tom may be thinking about raising. – [Phil] I always wondered if when I’m silent in big hands if that’s a tell or not. – [Jack] It is. – [Phil] It’s a tell?

Is it fear or strength? – [Jack] I can’t give you that info, I’m just lettin’ you know– – [Phil] Tell me later. – [Jack] Yeah. – [Tom] $8,000. – [Phil] Mmm.

Can you pull in three? How much more do you have, like 4? – [Joe] Phil’s no dummy right? And in the few hands that I’ve watched Tom Schneider, I’ve seen him only tank call or tank raise when he’s got a really strong hand. Now, even knowing that, I’m not sure that Phil can fold. – [Phil] A little over $7,400-500-600.

$7,000 left. – [Joe] You don’t see Phil Laak make a lot of big lay downs when there’s still cards to come. Everything about Tom here reeks of strength, and poor fashion sense.

– [Phil] Ah, that’s interesting. Is that a blank or not, that’s the question. I’m just so afraid that he has ace five of diamonds, ace, king, queen of diamonds, king, ten of diamonds, king six I’m afraid of, too. – [Joe] Good fold, Phil Laak. – [Phil] King, six beat?

Can you beat king, six? You think he mighta had it, maybe? – [Jack] What’s that? – [Phil] Do you think he had better than a set? Do you think he had a straight?

– [Joe] Phil, if it makes you feel any better, I agree. I think he had a straight, too. – [Chris] I don’t know, I think he had king, six.

No, wait. – [Joe] Either way, you’re beat. – [Tom] I’ve seen it before.

You have? – [Schanbacher] The open-ended straight flush draw. – [Dealer] It’s rare. – [Tom] Very rare.

– [Dealer] Very rare. – [Mike] We had that last night in Omaha. – [Joe] This guy was playing in Omaha last night and now he’s in Pittsburgh? – [Chris] World traveler. – [Mike] I did not, unfortunately.

– [Jack] You had middle? – [Mike] I had top two. That was the really bad place to be. – [Chris] I once had top two in Omaha, that was before I was married. – [Joe] Wow.

– [Chris] What? – [Joe] I hope she doesn’t watch this show or you may end up being divorced. Phil with a very dangerous top pair. – [Dealer] $625. (Tom blows nose) – [Chris] Schneider?

(Tom blows nose) – [Joe] Just don’t look at it afterward. Oh, he looked. – [Chris] It is cold and flu season. – [Joe] Oh, he looked again. Three looks! – [Chris] Clean up on aisle Schneider, please.

(Joe laughs) – [Joe] Laak’s bet, gets two callers. Vierheller calling with a double gutter, doesn’t get there. – [Dealer] Check. Check.

– [Joe] Checks around to the last aggressor. Checks around. Somebody got there, then, and it’s not Phil Laak and his two pair. – [Chris] Ioffe has mentally checked out of this hand about two streets ago, it seems like. – [Joe] He’s like no way queens are good, just come on. – [Chris] $3,375, the bet from Phil Laak.

– [Joe] What do you do here if you’re Vierheller? Raise, and maybe get two folds, or call and maybe get a call behind you? Nine seven, not the nuts, by the way. – [Chris] Yeah. You do have to be mindful of that. You can just call here and win a $10K pot.

That’s exactly what Vierheller does. – [Mike] Straight? – [Phil] You have a straight?

Oh, you’re good. – [Chris] He started with $1,000 buy in, to a satellite here at Rivers. Turned that into a $10,000 win, and is now stacking even more chips in the cash game. – [Joe] Way to spin it up.

– [Phil] I shoulda bet that on the turn, that would’ve been the play. – Tom Schneider, come on, dude. At least step away from the table next time you gotta blow your nose. – Ew, no. More nose blowing and money blowing when we come back.

– You know, speaking of– (Chris drowns out Joe) – No. No. – Show everybody. You threw me tissues, told me to cry, called me a liar. – I thought you had allergies.

– Can you finish all your insults at once? Or do I have to wait? – I got plenty of ’em.

– Welcome back to Poker Night in America. Have you ever wondered how far you can go on a tangent? Well, take that distance, quadruple it, and then aim it into outer space, because Phil Laak is about to take us all on a little word journey. – [Tom] Phil, did you go to college?

– [Phil] I graduated from Verona Elementary in fifth grade. – [Tom] Verona Elementary, in Pittsburgh? – [Phil] In New Jersey, near– – [Tom] Is that the highest? – Basically, in fifth grade. And then I went and I saw a cartoon with a guy with a stick, and he wrapped up some stuff in a knapsack, you know, like a little cloth.

– [Tom] A hobo? – [Phil] A hobo, yeah. And then I went out, that was the first time I found a pair of flip-flops, ’cause I saw in the hobo had some kind of woven, it wasn’t like sneakers. – [Tom] Yeah. – And then I just went from railroad station to railroad station, driftin’ around.

Met other hobos, learned the way of the hobo way, you know. – [Tom] You know, it’s strange, I asked you if you went to college. – [Mike] And you got all that. – [Tom] And this is the answer I got, yeah. That’s a great answer.

– [Mike] He got the Frosty the Snowman– – [Tom] What did you order for breakfast today? Well, when I was three– – [Joe] I’m not sure if any of that is true including that Phil’s ever even seen a cartoon. – [Chris] Oh, Phil Laak is a one of a kind.

– [Tom] The hobo way. – [Mike] The hobo way. – [Tom] There used to be a restaurant called Hobo Joe’s, I loved it.

– [Joe] Ironically, they had a strict no hobo policy there. – [Chris] You’d think they’d have been a little bit more forgiving. – [Joe] Right? – [Tom] I like that, the hobo way. – [Phil] I like the Pork Store in San Francisco on Haight Street. That place has the best sausage, egg, the Piggy Special’s what they call it.

I love it, oh. – [Joe] You know how Phil got there? He smelled the meat and floated on the odor fumes, just like from another cartoon he saw. – [Phil] He reads poetry to his eggs, for example.

I mean, I’m not sure if he does. I doubt he does, but the farmers probably did. The farmers love those eggs, ’cause this food is, you know, clean and all this high level. – [Chris] It’s important to have clean food in this world.

I think that’s one thing we could all agree on. – [Phil] For all I know, the Pork Store has excellent– – [Chris] Schanbacher with a pair of nines. Ioffe with nothing.

– [Phil] I just know I love their food, oh boy. – [Joe] Back to your clean food statement, we’re gonna make an exception for the five-second rule, though, right? – [Chris] Well, of course, yeah. – [Joe] Okay. – [Chris] I mean, I’m not wasteful, I just want it to be clean. – [Joe] Nothing can get dirty in less than five seconds?

– [Chris] Ioffe with his nothing turns it into a winner. – [Tom] I don’t know, you got me thinking, Phil. I don’t know. – [Joe] Don’t make him think.

– [Chris] Maybe he’s thinkin’ about becoming a hobo is what he’s talking about. I always wondered how the hobos with their disheveled shoes and carrying that bag on a stick could actually leap onto a box car on a train. Think about it. – [Joe] Some of them are deceptively spry.

– [Chris] Like ninjas. Like bearded, cigar smoking, hobo ninjas. – [Joe] Uh-oh, this is shaping up to get real dirty. Much like the food Hanson won’t eat. – [Chris] Schanbacher with ace, king.

Here comes a raise from Jack Schanbacher to $1,250. – [Joe] All right, well, we’re gonna see a flop. I just like open folding queens here. Just muck ’em. – [Chris] Go ahead, bet, I’m done. Well, that’s not what Smith is gonna do.

He’s gonna get deeper and deeper into this I can’t win hole. – [Joe] He does pick up a gut shot. – [Chris] Well, aren’t you tryin’ to be positive? – [Joe] So, you’re allowed to call here, and you’re allowed to fold, but one thing you’re not allowed to do is seem confused that you’ve been put all in.

Calls all in, he is behind. – [Mark] Give me a ten. – [Chris] He’s calling for the Joe Stapleton miracle on the river, he needs that 10 to make the gut shot.

That’s a three, not close. – [Joe] That’s how the Joe Stapleton miracle works, actually. You can ask for it, but it doesn’t come. – [Chris] Does it ever come?

– [Joe] No. – [Chris] No. – [Joe] Unless you count this job. Thanks, CBS Sports, ha. – [Chris] All right, day two, we done. The biggest winner of the day Tom Schneider.

He’s used to doing that on Poker Night in America. He’s up over $13,000. – Man, that Jack Schanbacher, he’ll raise any two. ‘Cept for his own children.

Your wife had a baby yesterday. – After the break, we’re gonna conclude the Claudico Poker AI Series. Resistance is futile.

– Show everybody, you threw me tissues, told me to cry, called me a liar. – I thought you had allergies. – Can you finish all your insults at once or do I have to wait?

– I got plenty of them. – Really? You called me a liar, whiner, threw me tissues, you’re a class act. Told me to shut up.

If I quit this show early at least we’ll know, cause of you. – Ah don’t do that man. – Why not? Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America.

– Welcome back to Poker Night in America at Rivers in Pittsburgh. – You know, Chris, I just had to light an entire page of Rocky jokes on fire because I just realized that Rocky takes place in Philly, we’re in Pittsburgh, and apparently, those two things aren’t the same? – No, Pittsburgh here, Philly here, not the same thing. The American education system really has failed you, Mr. Stapleton. Let’s not wait any longer.

It’s time for part three of our series on Claudico, poker’s newest and most challenging AI. – And more importantly, the four poker players who are tryin’ to pull its plug. (electronic music) – [Host] I’d like to hand this over to the number one, no limit, heads up Texas Hold ‘Em player in the world, Doug Polk. (audience claps) – When I first heard about this challenge, I thought this was great.

I thought this was a way to expand my knowledge of the game. To test myself in a challenge-type format, and to really try to learn the true theoretical strategies that should be played. So, I have no idea what to expect. What I will say is that the humans are gonna give our A game and we’re gonna see if we can take down this computer. (people chat) (applause) – The first day was a crushing day for Claudico. The humans beat us by a lot.

It was like a complete human onslaught, and it looked like we would lose huge. The next defining moment was second day, when we actually were able to curb that onslaught, and I knew that this was gonna be close. – When we look at win rate in Heads Up No Limit, you think about things in the big blinds that you won.

And with a win rate, you refer to it as your big blinds per 100 hands. So, the win rate that we had over Claudico in this challenge was 9.1. 9.1 signifies a fairly substantial edge, but not really a domination.

– And when we did the analysis of, you know, is this result statistically significant, we found that the 95 percent confidence interval, which is typically used to determine statistical significance, required a win rate of 10.5 big blinds per 100. So, it was close to statistical significance, but not quite there. – We’ve learned a lot about what are the strengths and weaknesses of Claudico, and from those we can infer how to improve the algorithms for our incomplete information game solving, in general, and apply it to a host of applications, like negotiation, auctions.

And as we have time now, after the event, we’ll write algorithms that will pour through the 80,000 hands, and we’ll learn a lot more. – I mean, I think, watch out, the robot apocalypse is coming, but it’s not quite here, yet. – Well, there you have it. Humans rule. Humanity in yo’ face electronics.

– Claudico version two, it’s gonna be released very soon, and you know there’s gonna be a sequel. – Next episode, we move from one nerd topic to another. Hilarious prop jokes. – Come on, take a bite. – Yep, we’re headed to Choctaw for the very first time.

For more on Poker Night, visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch for up to date information, full episodes, and unedited live streams. For Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson. We’ll see you next time on Poker Night in America. – In Oklahoma. – I graduated from Verona Elementary, basically in fifth grade, and then I went and I saw a cartoon with a guy with a stick, and then I just went from railroad station to railroad station driftin’ around, met other hobos, learned the way of the hobo way.