Something Stinks @ The World Series Of Poker

I spent three hours yesterday at a car repair shop. Getting my air conditioning fixed. It seemed to go out after about 15 minutes every day, which is a problem when it’s 105 degrees out. So the plan was to go to the Golden Nugget. 570 pot limit Omaha Championships on the way there. The air conditioning stopped blowing cold air.

So I took the first exit and I have arrived at the Rio just in time for the start of the one o’clock deep stack, it’s about 20 20 minutes away from the car repair place. So after I bust this deep stack, I can just drive of shame right on over there and see if they can fix the problem again. Tilt only intensifies when in it’s a hundred degrees out with blinds at 150 300 with a 25 ante action folds to the button, who makes it 1,000 off a 16000 stack, I’m in the big blind with pocket kings raise it up to 4,000 and he puts in The call flop comes jack, 10, 3, 2 diamonds. I do have the King of Diamonds, I bet 6000. A bigger bet on this wet flop put a lot of his hands and tough spots like Queen Jack Ace, Queen pocket queens trying to get all of our money in he shoves.

We call – and he shows pocket aces – turn – is a 9 and the rivers a 4, and we now have 500 chips. I did not run it up and I’m OUT of the Rio daily, I would reenter, but I can’t risk Firestone complete, auto care closing on me. If I’m too deep in this event, so my priorities are to get my air conditioning in my vehicle fix today again, I Tilt way too hard when I’m sweating, but I shouldn’t have to be to take care of some business come back tomorrow. Strong, this heat is making me absolutely crazy. Chicken sandwich king crab eggs benedict with potatoes, the World Series of Poker monster, stack 15,000 starting chips. The plan for today is something a little different he’s playing a pot limit, Omaha tournament last night on line bracelet event, and I realized how beneficial it is to play small ball.

That’S right, limping check, calling bluff catching no bluffing, really small pots, slow and steady wins. The race – that’s right, we’re gon na be open limping today, so there should be some pretty unique hand. Histories who are we gon na, get to do the standings better watch and see we’re gon na bag and tag around 11 p.m? That is my intention. Let’S make it happen, two hours are down and I have not raised preflop once not once it’s a it’s a small bowl strategy, limp call, look limp, raise, haven’t even done that limp call, a small ball check call with blinds at 5100. I have East nine of Spades under the guns you know we’re limping person to middle position makes it to twenty five big blind calls.

We call flop comes ace Queen. Three. All clubs checks around the turn is a six of hearts. Big blind checks. I put out a small bet, just three hundred going for some value with top pair deny all the one club equities original RAZR calls big blindfolds. The river is a deuce of hearts total brick.

We want to go for thin value once again: D called by all visible, worse mid pairs with one club, preferably so we bet just a paltry three hundred he puts in the Colin says pocket kings. We got him pair of aces, nine kickers good, and we have starting stack after two hours of play: no raising preflop we’re trying to get the showdown cheap and survive. It’S a monster, stack of the bag and tag and eight more levels.

Just not if you can hear me with blinds at 75 150, I’m in seat 9, where 10 handed, but only nine people, the table, see 10 sits down and he smells like rotten fish and chips. I know this smell not gon na get too into detail, but after a few minutes I pull him aside and say: hey: did you get lucky with a girl before you entered this tournament? He looks befuddled and says no. I said. Oh, I smell a little something on you. He goes.

Oh that’s because I didn’t shower today. Where do they get these people? I put out a tweet, I’m looking for some max deodorant body spray. Whatever you got, I can barely breathe.

You know what they say in Karate Kid man can’t breathe. Man can’t fight you can’t fight, but I’m fighting blind or 75 150 middle position makes it 350. I’M in the big blind with eight floor off suit, the worst eight high I’m going to defend. I put in the call the flop comes six five deuce.

We have the double belly. He Chet. I check he bets 400. I make it 1,200 good call, but I think it’s best to not call out of position with eight high the turns of Jack pretty irrelevant, but I think we have to set up a triple barrel here we can wrap all two pairs sets and straights, maybe even Get him to fold an over pair on the river, so we’ve got 1,800 and he calls the river is a seven.

We make the straight. I was afraid I’d have to barrel it off and punt it off, but we got there if you want to make this bet easy for him to call but still get max value from his over pairs. So we bet 5,000. He hates his life and puts in the fold, unfortunately, and we take it down.

We have 27 thousand on second break going to 100 200 with an auntie. Having really said that I can become your ward and they could just come back, maybe crispy crispy. I appreciate I wish I would have recorded the audio of when I asked stinky. If he’s gon na shower on dinner break.

He said he didn’t know if I was serious earlier when I commented about his smell, but I told them: oh I’m dead serious from there. He was kind of dumbfounded again and said. Well, I have been really showered in three days. So I’m sorry if I stink, but you know if it tilts you, then that’s a good thing. That’S when I said no, that’s a horrible thing. Aren’T you a human being?

Is this how you treat fellow human beings? This isn’t Nam, there are rules smokey. This was not Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.

Yes again, if I was serious, I gave him a stone, cold stare of death and said you got a shower on break bro. He says, or else what I said well you’ll just be disqualified from the tournament all the dealers can attach to how horrible you smell you’re in the ten seat. He says: oh, okay! Well, it’s 50/50! If I shower, I said no, it’s a hundred percent! You shower or you’ll, be disqualified for man walked by.

I said floor. This guy just admitted he hasn’t showered in three days. He smells horrible and I’ve been dealing with it for six hours. The fluoresce, if this is true, stinky confirms it’s true.

The four pulls him aside and says: yeah you got a shower, or else you can’t play so kudos to the REO staff. We’Re now on seventy five minute dinner break you better, come back smelling like a rose or else we’re gon na have a problem. Let’S go to its Jenga: Oh deep inside someone someday, Oh with blinds at 100 225 auntie action pulls the middle position. Asian male aged 25 to 35 conservatively makes it 500 off a 8k stack, I’m in the cutoff, with pocket queens 3bet to 1500. I know my game plan is to play small ball, but I think this guy has it in him to spew it off. Everyone folds back to him and he puts in the call pop comes king five deuce rainbow he checks.

I check planning to pretty much call down and he run out that doesn’t include an ace. It turns another king beautiful card and he leads out 1800 easiest call of my life. It does put two black kings on the board and I have two red Queens, so that does discount all of his suited. King and queen combos we go to a river.

The river is the Queen of Spades. Putting the backdoor Spade draw out there, he jams all-in. We snap call his pocket fives set over set. We got him. Forty thousand on dinner. Stinky should have showered.

If not, there’s gon na be a problem. Let’S see what happens. Sizes